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Advisory Board Members and Instructors

Harry Li

Professor, Co-founder of Embedded Machine learning Institute

The board of director, university professor Dr. Harry Li has over 27 years of higher education experience as Professor of Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Research expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Embedded Systems. Dr. Li’s research expertise includes pioneering the development of fuzzy logic intelligent controller design for solving nonlinear control and computer vision problems with wide range of applications from semiconductor equipment control to robotics.

Periklis Papadopoulos Ph.D.


Professor, Researcher &


Dr. Periklis E Papadopoulos, Professor, San Jose State University, researcher and entrepreneur. Doctor of Philosophy, Stanford University. Advisory board member to CTI One Training Program and to the Institute of Embedded Intelligence.


George Skikos Ph.D.


Professor, Advisor &


Dr. George Skikos has over 25 years experience as a university professor, technology and communications consultant as well as an entrepreneur. Skilled in negotiations, network operations, and engineering, with a Master's Degree in Finance from the University of Piraeus and a PhD Degree in Fuzzy Logic Control Systems from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

Joshua Zhang B.A.

Corporate Executives 

    Joshua Zhang was born in Lubbock, TX but spent most of his life in Detroit, MI before attending Harvard University where he studied Economics and graduated with Honors. Josh began his career at Goldman Sachs in the Real Estate Finance Group where he closed approximately $9 billion of commercial real estate debt transactions spanning traditional mortgage-backed loans, bank loans, and mezzanine financings. Currently, Josh is the Vice President of Acquisitions at Four Corners Property Trust (NYSE:FCPT), a $1.8bn net-lease REIT where he is responsible for sourcing acquisition pipeline, executing deals, and managing the company's portfolio. Josh is the member of the Advisory Board to CTI One Training Program and Instructor on entrepreneurship program.

Tony Xu M.B.S., ECE, M.S., ECE

Professor, Senior Engineer at Intel

    Tony Xu, has over 20 years experience in software engineering. His professional expertise includes system performance improvement, great user experience, micro to system level performance analysis. In the last five years, he has  focused his effort on open source projects, including OpenCV, 3D camera, FPGA machine learning acceleration and OpenCL. Tony has extensive knowledge of system architecture – FSB, CSI, cache architecture, coherence protocol, APIC controller, I/O controller, memory controller. As a hands-on software engineer, he loves to code. He is very fluent in C/C++, Python etc, and Tony graduated from SJSU with a master’s degree in Computer Engineering. 

Rick Wang, MBA

Advisor, Entrepreneur, Career Consultant

Rick Wang, 14-year experience in evangelizing Data Center software, cloud, and storage products to enterprise adopters of Silicon Valley innovations. Enabled new product introduction and explosive revenue growth at Fortune and startup companies. Successful in advising executives, engineers at Symantec, and in coaching CEOs at startups CertifiedU, Powerquest, Libritas.

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Zhixuan Zhou, M.S. CMPE


Zhixuan Zhou, finished bachelor’s degree in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Central Michigan University, completed a master's degree in computer engineering at San Jose State University. He is taught by a well-known expert in artificial intelligence, Professor Harry Li, working in AI artificial intelligence and embedded systems in Silicon Valley. He has long been engaged in the development and research of artificial intelligence in the field, and has a deep understanding of the latest development direction of artificial intelligence.

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