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Bojun:Fullstack Embedded Software Engineering 

He did research in Big Data database design and web application GUI Design. He also integrated live video streaming with facial detection and behavior detectionin python. With embedded engineer work, he did radio frequency remote control with CGI Scripts, apache2 server and IOT in Raspberry pi. And also did the touch screen GUI design using Python. In addition to this, he had electrical engineering and networking background, especially in TCP/IP, UDP/IP and SOAP.


Jerry: Fullstack Embedded Software Engineering

He integrated TCP/IP communication function with RTOS on the NXP LPC controller and make it an IoT device. He also integrated a micro HTTP server and CGI function, so now this LPC1769 is now capable of realtime control and monitoring over Ethernet, and can be applied to many use cases as a smart device.  He also developed web GUI using HTML, PHP and MySQL for vehicle remote management and vision training database.

Prashanth: Embedded Software Engineering IIoT

Magnetic Sensor MGS1600GY connected with LPC1769 ARM Cortex M3 controller. The connector pin from 1-15 gives out various important outputs. Such as Analog voltage output based on the position of the track placed under the sensor. It supports marker detection: Left and Right marker. It even supports RS232 communication to fetch the digital output. We built a circuit capable of receiving Track detection signal, marker detection signal, and the Analog output value from the senor. All the output signal from MGS1600GY was given to the ADC pins of LPC1769 ARM Cortex M3 controller. All the ADC pins were read successfully by the controller. As per the data received the motor drive functions were called to drive the vehicle in the direction as we need. Several tests were conducted to validate the navigation as per the data received. The result was positive as expected

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Minh: Software Engineering Specialized In Computer Vision

Major working on OpenCV with CUDA on Nvidia Jetson TX2.
Using ZED camera and OpenCV to build a 3D depth map and to project object features on 2D projection plane. 
Troubleshooting software installation on different Oss: Ubuntu, Window, Mac Os.
Training and using machine learning model using TensorFlow and Keras.

Ankit: Embedded Software Engineering Industrial Modbus

Worked on different Multimedia Processor/SoCs based on ARM and DSP
Experienced in bootloader (u-boot), Linux Device Driver and Filesystem 
Developed firmware for various Micro-controllers(ARM, PIC)
Experienced in Linux Application Development

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Gaurao: Firmware Developing Modbus Stereo Vision

Majorly working on Jetson TX1/TK1 firmware and interfacing of cameras to it.
Developing firmware on Jetson TX1 to interface serial ROS communication for MSP432 and Raspberry Pi.
Using ZED 3D camera for the real world mapping and using ROS libraries to realize this architecture.
Research work includes the work on 3D camera and LIDAR for the real world mapping. Using depth features of the 3D camera to assist the mapping using LIDAR.

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