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About Us

About CTI One's AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Software Engineering Intern Training Program:

Our program is designed for engineers, graduate and undergraduate students to prepare and empower their transition to the industrial career in the field of AI, Computer Vision, and Embedded Systems. Our program has alumnus from San Jose State University, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, Penn State University, University of Michigan, Case Western Reserve University, University of Columbia, USC, and local community colleges. CTI One is an system integrator, US-based company at the heart of the Silicon Valley, specializes in Embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence), computer vision, and full stack embedded software/hardware systems. Our products and services include self-driving vehicles, robotics, embedded systems, and intelligent machine automation applications.


Embedded Systems Internship Boot Camp combines the internship with embedded systems course. Course work is arranged 3 hours per week for 10 weeks and the internship work hours are Monday through Friday 30 hours per week. The scope of the internship work includes firmware and device driver development, peripheral controller and their interfacesModbus, IoT sensor interface, motor control, Computer Vision, GPU and ROS (Robotics Operating System), google Tensor Flow, and deep-learning frame work Caffe applications. We provide offer letters, opportunities to work with real product development, and evaluation and guidance by our mentors, as well as recommendation letters.

Our Business


Our expertise includes Embedded Systems, Device Drivers, Vision Guided Robotics, IoT, TCP/IP, Web Server, Streaming, wireless communications (802.11x, 802.14.5), IIC bus, GPP I/O, Sensor Interface products.


We provide custom design, system prototyping, In-door Self-Driving Vehicle products and Computer Vision Guided CNC Laser Coating machines. 


Our custom design including Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision Work, OpenCV, OpenGL, Embedded Imaging, algorithm development, software solution, system integration solution, sensors and actuators integration.

Who We Are


We are system integrators specialized in computer vision-guided robotics and embedded system based intelligent control for CNC automation applications. Our experience and expertise include Embedded Mobile Vision GPU System; Intelligent Control and Machine Learning; CNC Machine with Vision Feedback; IoT (Internet of Things); Environmental Water Monitoring and Water Treatment plant automation and remote management; In-door Lidar-Vision 3D Measurement System.

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